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Kenneth L. Davis

July 22, 1950 - January 27, 2024

Losing my dear friend Ken is like losing a piece of myself. Over our 23 years of friendship, we've grown spiritually and personally together. His influence on my life is immeasurable, and his absence leaves a void that cannot be filled by anyone else. Ken's spirit will always be a, guiding force and watching over me. I am forever thankful for his remarkable friendship.

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Kenneth L. Davis July 22, 1950 - January 27, 2024

Innerpathic Process

Dr. Guldal Caba and Dr. Ken Davis' "InnerPathic Process" is a multi-dimensional system designed to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of the whole person. The “soul” (internal dynamic subconscious, psyche, spirit) when listened to, will guide with wisdom, light, purity, and goodness towards what is needed for all healing within what’s in “the highest good” (best interest), in order to live strong, youthful, vital, healthy, and to live aware.


The InnerPathic Process is a pattern of elements so unified as “whole” that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts...even though this “bridge” between and the “Fusion” of so many modalities is where its life force began, the emerged whole is unique.

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