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Who is she?

Who is she?

Born in Turkey, one of Dr. Guldal’s first lessons in life was to observe dual cultural norms. To blend and embrace both Turkish and American cultures as her own, and different than that of her family before. One of her next lessons was to discover her ability as an intuitive and her intense passion to soothe the pain of others.
















These early lessons shaped what Dr. Guldal would soon become a doctor, spiritual healer, spiritual leader, and a Medicine Woman. She saw and deeply felt the pain and illness that existed in many cultures and communities. It was part of why she chose to learn as much as she could in the realm of healing. Not just healing but teaching others to seek what is within themselves to heal and grow. She has discovered that helping to increase the desire to see clearly, release old patterns of thought, actions, and feeling lends itself to a personal evolution that is beyond words. A consciousness that transforms not only each one of us but is so dynamic it is infectious.

“At one point I realized there was something about me that seemed to bring people comfort and they felt soothed and felt safe in sharing their stories I can remember a part of my mind always saying I don't want to know what this is because whatever it is that helps others and I don't wanna mess it up.” 

-Dr. Guldal

Naturopath, Body-Mind, Vitality, Natural Healing, Science - Spirit


What is she?

What is she?

Natural Healing, Sangoma, Medicine Woman

Dr. Guldal’s journey has led her to become a trained and spiritually adopted  Indigenous Native American Medicine Person,  A Sangoma (a South African Medicine Person), and a Spiritual Director and  Leader of her own branch 

Sacred Circle with Oklevueha Native American Church.


She has a Masters Degree in Education and has a Ph.D. in counseling, psychology, and is a practicing psychologist. Her passion for bridging studies continued with a second Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Among her extensive studies, Dr. Guldal trained and mastered in Oriental, Tibetan, and Shamanic, and Body Medicine Therapies, including Acupuncture, Herbology, Naturopathy, Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gong, Chakra Energy, Chakra Balancing, Esoteric Healing, and of course many western systems of healing. Dr. Guldal has been blessed to be mentored and apprenticed by great Tibetan and Chinese healers, Shamans, Gurus, and healers from many faiths and systems. With special thanks to her beloved teacher Dr. Baskaran Pillai.

Her life course is defined not only by her titles and education, but more importantly, by the soul of who she is: an empath, a mystic, one who channels the ancestors and spirit guides, and an intuitive both by sight and as a healer.

In the Traditional and Ancient model of healing, a healer answers the call of healing from within. Often this call occurs from childhood and often after a difficult time and most times both occur. The Sangoma in Mamelodi, South Africa who first initiated Dr. Guldal said, "You must have a part of you that dies first and then you must come back from there. Then and only then can you help others do the same."

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Dr. Guldal almost died from an internal physiologic dysfunction, and after years of healing with the right people she started on her real career: Healer and Teacher.

Once the call is answered, the teachers and mentors and Medicine Persons will transfer the power of Sight and Divining along with any gifts the student is ready for. This process has many names: passing down, transferring. Regardless the student becomes a Medicine Person. As she continues the path of her own healing, new teachers come and continue this process of transfer. Sometimes this happens directly from The Ancestors and Spirit Guides.


Dr. Guldal’s journey has led her to a very eclectic process of working with ancient technologies and Mentors. She follows the path of what is in Highest Good” for each occasion with the fundamental goal always being the same:

To Unite Body-Mind-Spirit in a way for each person to heal, grow, become more conscious and clear so that clarity and connection to their inner power and Wisdom are achieved. The end result being Health, Youth, Higher Connection to The Divine, Knowing at all time what is best, Living and Walking Sacred,  Seeing with Clarity, No Clutter from the Past -Only The Present exists –from here creating all we desire is the natural outcome.

What does she do?



What does she do?

psychoneuroimmunology, neuro- plasticity, neuro- linguistic programming, meditation, energy work,

By infusing the content of the sciences for understanding and empowerment with the vibrations and whispers of the divine allows Dr. Guldal' s work in all forms (in person, podcast etc) to be heard by the deepest part of the soul so that changes rewiring and releasing can occur.


Dr. Guldal understands that in order to achieve one’s "Highest Good", one cannot address their issues in parts, but rather as a whole. Each person IS their body, their mind, and their spirit: all of which are inextricably intertwined and housed in one being. To know this is to know that healing one element without giving attention to the others continues a life out of balance.


By bridging her expertise and consulting the guides, Dr. Guldal can heal all parts of the whole in synchronicity in order to effectively release old trauma and begin to rewire.


She is always doing her own work and listening to the "call of her soul" because she knows the better she hears, the better she is guided every moment of every day to say what is best, do what is best, be with who is best, and to eat and live in "Highest Good". It is her walking and living this passion that increases her desire to see her life’s mission accomplished. For all to have this Self-Mastery, this Empowered state of knowing… All else falls away.


Life with self-changes and immediately there is a better connection and understanding. A more determined and harmonious existence. Even when difficulties arise navigating through them is more positive and hopeful. The physical body when in distress needs a more clear internal dialogue to guide whom to seek help from, whom to trust, how to find a way to a better state of health occurs with more trust. The science of psychoneuroimmunology has proven that the body-mind connection is a strong determining factor for health and healing. This symbiotic oneness is the key to emerging out of distress and into wellness.


This same holds true when one’s relationships are in distress. Whether it be a relationship to other in intimacy, family, friendship, or work. When there is clarity and old patterns are uncovered, seeing what is happening takes on a new lens. Seeing others and self, allows one to take away the clutter, remove self from that dreaded sense of feeling bad, unloved, or not understood, and leads to the ability to see what is truly happening. This allows for more clarity in communication at all levels and creates a stronger Mastery in all intimate relationships and the workforce.


Dr. Guldal is the bridge that unites all elements so that the whole is finally addressed in a new and unique way.


Who does she work with?

Who does she work with?

Dr. Guldal works with all those seeking wellness in any domain of their lives: emotional, spiritual, and physical. 

Vitality, youthfulness, anti aging, chronic illness, chronic trauma, east and west healin

On an individual level, she works with a wide range of people including CEO's, CFO's, celebrities, authors, and many more from all walks of life who have sought guidance and healing. 

On a larger scale, Dr. Guldal conducts group coaching that is often sought out by businesses looking for guidance in their professional lives. She offers counsel on strategy and operation, who to work with, and how to manage a business from an awakened and conscious perspective. 

With the intent to offer everyone a path to higher consciousness and a sense of empowerment, Dr. Guldal can be found on public mediums such as radio, podcasts, and television.

All those Dr. Guldal has worked with either personally or in larger mediums have reported more success emotionally, physically, and financially.


"Dr. Guldal Caba has been great to work with.  When I first met her, I had a lot of issues to deal with.  One at a time she addressed them and explained to me what we would be doing, what it would do and how I should feel.  The best example is one day I could barely feel my feet.  By the end of our session, 90% of the feeling had returned to my feet.  Honestly, it was nothing short of a miracle. I feel blessed to have Dr. Caba in my life." 


"Dr. Caba and the Inner Pathic Process has done tremendous good for my entire family, personally she has helped me grow spiritually and emotionally, she has helped me identify areas that needed adjustments in such a way that it was most helpful.  She has helped me to be a better me!!! I will forever be grateful."      



"The work that I've done with Dr. Guldal Caba and her InnerPathic Process has changed my life dramatically.  I've suffered from severe depression and struggled, personally, financially and professionally.  With Dr. Guldal's practical and spiritual help, I've overcome tremendous inner and outer obstacles to experience more joy, love and abundance than I ever thought possible.  My professional and personal success are a direct result of her wonderful help.  It fills me with joy to recommend her and her truly remarkable innerpathic process so that others can also experience a world of realized dreams. Thank you so much!"


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