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During Dr. Guldal's first journey to South Africa in 1997, she began her initiation as a Sangoma (a healer who consults the spirit world and utilizes indigenous medicine). In these videos, you can watch Dr. Guldal return to South Africa in 2015 to receive a healing from another Sangoma.

Watch all three to see the exciting and unexpected events of that day!


 Dr. Guldal receives her reading from Go Go Mata (the Sangoma). It is during this reading, Go Go Mata saw the light in Dr. Guldal and saw her ancestry, receiving a message Dr. Guldal was a true medicine woman. We hear a stunning coincidence between the two. A coincidence that inevitably urges both of them to follow their callings to become healers. 

The Candle Ceremony

After the reading, Go Go Mata concludes that Dr. Guldal is one of "them", a healer. She adopted Dr. Guldal to be part of the family that carries the power and the healing of South Africa into the world. This adoption connects them forever as well as officially extends the healing powers to Dr. Guldal as a Sangoma.   Watch the ceremonial transfer of gifts from Go Go Mata to Dr. Guldal.


Watch the conclusion of the ceremony followed by a powerful ritual that celebrates the new Sangoma's initiation.

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